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Street Sweeper

Pop-up presented by Cleaner Gallery + Projects, Chicago, IL @

Common Wealth Gallery

Madison, WI 

March 24,25, and 26, 2023

Cleaner Gallery + Projects of Chicago, IL is pleased to announce STREET SWEEPER, a pop-up exhibition at Madison, WI’s Common Wealth Gallery.

The first installment of a traveling pop-up exhibition series, STREET SWEEPER, presents a selection of recent work from our developing roster of artists and friends of the gallery. Cleaner Gallery + Projects focuses primarily on painting, sculpture, and installation, exhibiting emerging and mid-career artists across the Midwest.

Remy Bordas & Olivia Juárez
Christian Campos
Marvin Chan
Danny Epstein
Paul Erschen
Matt Irie
Keith Kaziak
Esau McGhee
Allen Moore
Kelsea Nichols
Kelly Reaves
Mike Rea
Nina Rizzo
Bradley Simmons
Frank Trankina
Jonathan Worcester
Olivia Zubko

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