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home west, 2018

mirror polished stainless steel, mild steel


selected for the outdoor sculpture competition one year loan at Wayne State College, Wayne, NE

on-going series














home east, 2018

mirror polished stainless steel, mild steel


two year loan agreement with Sculpture Valley, Appleton, WI

This work is part of Sculpture Valley's second year of Acre of Art .

 This work will be installed in numerous locations during its two-year loan.

Locations include:

-Town of Menasha at Rydell Conservatory 7/18-8/18
-Vets & Friends of Wisconsin Inc. on N Richmond St. 8/18-9/18
-Harvey Pierre VFW Post 2778 on N Richmond St. 9/-18-12/18
-City of Menasha at Jefferson Park 1/19-Present

This is an on-going series.


The word home has many connotations. Home is where the heart is. It is a place of comfort and warmth. It can also imply a city, state or country. Home can be a terrifying place, or offer a nostalgic sentiment. Home can be a place of hiding or concealing. Commercial, social, cultural and political issues can also dictate the meaning of home. This work attempts to question these connotations, as well as the definition, and offer a reflection into the viewer's true meaning of home.
The billboard structure is used for, and intended to reflect commercialism, and the concept of home as a material object. The Cooper Black font is intended to evoke a nostalgic idea of home. The reflective quality of the mirror-polished stainless steel offers the viewer a  perspective of themselves, and of the world around them, creating an opportunity to contemplate what home means to them.