Wrapped and Woven

All objects are wrapped using a single piece of ratchet strapping.

Image 1


Plunger, absurdly long handle, white primer paint, MDF, 18"x24" US flag

Image 2-3

Patchwork Quilt (Security Blanket)

Mylar balloons, thread, Mylar ribbon

Image 4-5

Free Electrons

Extension cord, cable clips

Image 6

Pink Flaccid Foam

Pink rigid foam, adhesive

These are a series of works that I would consider sketches. I don't usually show this work because it doesn't hold the interest of many. But I thought it was worth including so you can see how I sometimes begin formulating ideas. These are all base off of a concept by the Artist, Tom Sachs. 1+1=1 Million.

By no means are any of these near 1 million, but you get the idea. 


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