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Student Example 14:Non-majors and Art minors

Introduction to Art UW-Madison, 2020-2021

Assignment: Student's Choice

Towards the end of each semester I gave each student an opportunity to propose their own creative project. The only requirements were that they had to relate the work to various topics, artists, and art movements discussed over the semester, and how their work relates to something or someone specific. I met with each student to discuss and approve each proposal.  

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Lazy River

Student Work

digital photography

Summer 2021

Student Response:

I love photography. I have enjoyed using different media in this course to create artwork and aesthetics. But I was grateful and excited to see that we were allowed to present photography for this project. Photography is my favorite form when expressing emotion, stories, and aesthetics. I am currently in San Francisco. And the architecture and city life here is heaven-like for my style. Therefore, I present lazy river. A beautiful combination of a unique building in the North Beach area of San Francisco. I love presenting buildings and angles in unique ways. Concerning the variety of art we learned about I was inspired by the Neo-Plasticism movement. My work reflects the essential elements of the Neo-Plasticism movement, color, line, and form. And I am very proud of how my final piece turned out!