The star that was above my grandparents house.

Image 1

Draw a Mile (endurance)

1 The perimeter of a standard (8 ½”x11”) sheet of paper measures 3’ 3”; a mile is 5,280’


2 In red, make a 1/2” “passage” by marking an 8 ½”x11” rectangle inside of a 9 ½”x12” rectangle


3 Draw a continuous line (1,625 laps) within the passage only lifting your hand to sharpen your pencil or swap pens when the ink runs dry


4 If you touch a red line, start over

Image 2

Make a drawing using a tool or machine. Document the drawing and the machine.

Watch VIDEO here.

Image 3

Interior + exterior space.

Image 4-7

Draw a memory. Lose it. Document the drawing and the loss.

Watch VIDEO here.


Watch VIDEO of Seep

Watch VIDEO Impressions of point