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Student Example 13:Non-majors and Art minors

Introduction to Art UW-Madison, 2020-2021

Assignment: Student's Choice inspired by Suprematism

Towards the end of each semester I gave each student an opportunity to propose their own creative project. The only requirements were that they had to relate the work to various topics, artists, and art movements discussed over the semester, and how their work relates to something or someone specific. I met with each student to discuss and approve each proposal.  

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Student Work


pencil, oil pastel, acrylic paint on board

Spring 2021

Student Response:

Anxiety is inspired by Kazimir Malevich and the Suprematism movement. This movement involved the concept of conveying expression of the human’s internal emotions and thoughts. The expression of emotions was conveyed through abstract art. It uses shape and forms that rejected the natural and traditional art. Traditional art often embraces clarity and familiar shapes that people can visually see. Concrete details were very popular before Suprematism. Malevich wanted to create art that would embody pure feelings and spirituality. Much of his art incorporated geometric shapes and crosses. In my piece, I was inspired by artists on Tik Tok that turn human mental disorders into art in their own style. My art piece reflects the anxiety that I feel. Anxiety is extremely prevalent in today’s society and affects a huge portion of youth. I incorporated the geometric shapes to help create an ambiguity and complexity of my mind when I have anxiety. My mind overthinks and creates scenarios in my head that often discourage me. For the main medium, I used oil pastels. The pastels created more to emphasize a messy view into an anxious person’s mind. I used pencil to shade some areas and create shadows, and I included acrylic paint for the background, creating a more somber feeling that surrounds my anxiety. The color schemes were not coordinated to match. I thought the different colors would symbolize the changing mood and thoughts that constantly occur in my mind. Overall, I enjoyed the different uses of mediums to create an abstract art of a mental struggle that many people go through.