Aural Topography 



cast bronze, red oak


I was invited to produce a site-sculpture at The University of Wisconsin-Steven Point's Edna Carlsten Gallery, for the exhibition COFAC Creates terrain/territories: dreams of place.

The viewer was encouraged to graze the topography of the artwork with their fingertips, creating various resonant frequencies. 


16½” x 18” x 18”

"Keith Kaziak casts for us a divining bowl. Inviting us to touch it-to make it sing and speak a song of place that we must use our mind to revisit. What does it do to our bodies and memory to play a song of place? Because the aural is both invisible and ghostly, it makes us think of the other senses that cannot be held for long. The smell of something in a place, the tactile sensation of weather and stone. Strong memory sensations that transport us. We look down into his device and see a reference to the mapping lines of the celestial sphere. Or is it the earth turned inside out? A deep quarry into the bowel of the world, another invisible place for us to ponder where we can position our weak and powerful flesh in relation to all the universe, and it in turn ourselves"


-Curator, Professor Mathew Groshek

© 2020 by Keith Kaziak All Rights Reserved