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Student Example 12:Non-majors and Art minors

Introduction to Art UW-Madison, 2020-2021

Assignment: Cubist Digital Collage

Students referenced a Cubist work that they found in the Leonard Lauder Cubist Collection at the MET to draw inspiration for a Cubist self-portrait. The assignment required a digitally collaging no less than 12 color or black/white images together. They were then asked to write a short description of the qualities that make their particular work Cubist, as well as discuss the way the subject matter is fragmented in their selection, its use of texture, and the handling of the paint and brushstrokes. Each analysis displayed an understanding of key qualities of Cubism, and whether the work is Analytic or Synthetic, and why. Their response also included something relating to the article African Influences in Modern Art.

Themes: Cubism, analytic, synthetic, composition, digital collage, photography, texture, line quality 

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Weeping Woman

Pablo Picasso


oil on canvas


student work


digital cubist collage

Student Response:

Some of the qualities that make my work cubist include the use of geometric shapes, multiple angles, and an abandonment of traditional perspective. I used geometric shapes by combining multiple rectangles and squares in order to form my collage. The use of these rectangles and squares highlights the fragmented nature of my piece. I also tried to showcase multiple angles in my work by depicting the view from under my nose and depicting my jawline from different angles. Lastly, I abandoned traditional perspective in my work as I depicted myself from many viewpoints at once in an unconventional way. My piece is representative of synthetic cubism because of my use of brighter colors and pictures as my art material. Additionally, I use less points of view in comparison to some analytical pieces which allows my work to be recognizable- another quality of synthetic cubism. Lastly, I used simpler shapes such as rectangles and squares to form my collage which is another characteristic of synthetic cubism. My piece relates to the essay African Influences In Modern Art. The essay describes Picasso's experiences going to the African collections at the Trocadero in which he examined many African sculptures. Picasso got inspiration from the African sculptures and began to "mediate between perceived reality and the creativity of the mind." This led Picasso to work with geometric shapes and creating cubist pieces. My work experiments between reality and my own creativity as I worked to create an abstract piece that uses geometric shapes. This essay also relates to the work I choose for inspiration because The Weeping Woman also experiments with reality and creativity through the use of fragmented shapes..